What I miss*

by CSWSmovie

*the non-human edition

One month in to my life here in Mumbai brings the sweet realization that I know what to expect from each day (something that I have learned not to take for granted), but also  the sharpened realization of what small pleasures from my NYC life are absent. Hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with pancakes and chilly weather. (Photo credits below).

1. A really good loaf of bread



2. Long, endless brunches




3. Eating for warmth



4. Experimenting in the kitchen

From top: photo by Brian Ferry (www.bferry.wordpress.com); photo by Youngna Park (www.youngnapark.com); image by Jennifer Causey (www.simplybreakfast.blogspot.com); image by Matthew Inman (www.theoatmeal.com)