Maximum city, minimal time

by CSWSmovie

I had plans to write a more thoughtful post than the one I’m about to write. But frankly, I still have to figure out how to fit in a lot more office supplies into my already-full suitcases. I also need to do one more Duane Reade run, take one last look at my long list of errands, and figure out what kind of coat you really need to bring when the weather fluctuates between 50 and 90 degrees.  I also need to get in enough time with Terence, and eat pancakes, and maybe a burger, and watch multiple episodes of Columbo on Netflix. It’s an account I won’t have access to when abroad.

Tomorrow I’ll be en route to JFK, to board a plane to the  Maximum City. I’ll be there for work purposes (a film I’m working on is shooting there), and so I’ll be living in India until March. I’ll be out of my element and out of my comfort zone, and I’m excited and nervous about both these prospects.


With me comes this little blog. There’s a lot to take in, but I hope to chronicle life with a new kitchen, new food choices, new restaurants, new eating habits. I’m very excited for the culinary aspect of this trip. I am, of course, really well acquainted with Indian food, but the flavors and techniques vary drastically by region. My grandmother and mother’s cooking is distinct from any other Indian home cook. Street food will be a novelty. And as a friend pointed out, Indian spins on other cuisines will be fascinating (or terrible.) I hope to capture it all, or at the very least the best parts of it.

I leave you with a request: please tell me in the comments what you would be interested in reading while I’m away. Is there a technique or recipe in Indian food that has always eluded you? Do you want to know where to go, both food and otherwise, in Mumbai? Are you interested in how India’s economic evolvement is affecting its food scene? I would love to hear your suggestions.

Now, back to packing.


(All pictures are from a brief trip to India I took in 2008)