Wind the window down

by CSWSmovie

A heat wave and a work load of epic proportions have kept me far away from the kitchen for a solid seven days. I hope to be back there soon.

In the meantime, here are some heat-friendly items I would have liked  to have made this week if I weren’t eating fruit, ice cream and deli meat for every meal:

– Food52’s Summer Farro Salad (my ideal summer night dinner)

– Any drink that resembles in the slightest to the Watermelon Ginger Lemonade I had at the Second Stop Cafe in Brooklyn.

– Smitten Kitchen’s Mango Slaw

– Food Junta’s Zucchini with White Beans and Basil

– The Wednesday Chef’s Potato Salad with Yogurt and Horseradish

– Bless Her Heart’s Blackberry Smash – served just as pictured, mason jar and all.

Here’s to a weekend of recouping with my cutting board. East Coasters, what have you been in the mood to eat in this weather?