As these things go

by CSWSmovie

I’ve never been comfortable with the word “boyfriend”. Even just now, writing it, I winced slightly. In my distorted brain, I can’t say the phrase “my boyfriend” without feeling like a teenage girl. It’s a weird hang-up, much like my distaste for clear glass coffee mugs. For some reason seeing my coffee through the glass while I drink it is a turn-off.

Well, I have one. A boyfriend, I mean. (I have a glass coffee mug too but we can ignore that for now). His name is Terence and he’s a keeper. For those of us who know us well, they know that in our Brooklyn apartment I do all the cooking, and in return, he does all the dish-washing. This works out spectacularly well for me as I love to cook and hate to wash dishes. I sometimes try to prod Terence into saying “I love to wash and hate to cook” but it’s more that he doesn’t like to cook and finds washing…tolerable. (I should add here that he does make killer jerk chicken on occasion.)

In any case, it came as a surprise when one day he came into the bedroom with two (opaque, ceramic) mugs. I was in a sour mood because of computer difficulties, but that quickly changed when I took a sip of what he gave me. I thought it was milk, and it was, but it was something else too. Something better. I looked down and saw some brown flecks swirling around in the cup.

“What is this?”

“Cinnamon milk”, he replied, taking my laptop out of my hands and into his lap. He started to type and poke around to fix the problem.

“What gave you the idea to put cinnamon in milk?” I asked.

“I was looking up “how to warm milk” on the web and someone mentioned to put some cinnamon in it too.” Tap, tap, tap he went on my keyboard.

I wanted to ask why he needed instructions to warm up milk, and a thought flitted through my head about how we might, for our own education, want to swap cooking/washing roles every once in a while. I was too involved in what I was drinking, though, to ask anything further. It was warm and comforting and sweet without being sweet. It was the most perfect nightcap and I was drowsy a few minutes later.

Some of you may be reading this unimpressed, or unamused even. Yes, you’re thinking. We know. Cinnamon milk. A double duh (as Terence’s little cousin likes to say).  Well, I’m writing this for those poor souls like my previous self who were unaware of this. It’s obvious – very obvious – but it works so well. Chocolate is of course just as good, but sometimes I find that extra sugar before bed prevents me from falling asleep easily.

Instructions: Warm up some milk of your choice (whole or skim will do) in a small saucepan on your stove on low heat, and add a pinch of cinnamon. Stir and serve before bedtime in your favorite mug of choice.

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