Warming up

by CSWSmovie

(image via lastnightsdinner.net)

This is the fourth time this blog has been created. The process was always the same: I thought of a title (not always the same), fiddled with a blog program (with varying frustration levels), posted a pretty picture a kumquat (it was always a kumquat) and then subsequently deleted it before I reached a second post.

I love food blogs. I love to cook, I love to eat, but what I almost love more is to read about both these things. But I couldn’t shake the fact that there were thousands of wonderful food blogs already out there. I became plagued with thoughts of my unoriginality – another NYC-dwelling amateur cook with too little counter space and too much enthusiasm, ready to tell her readers what to do with those amazing purple carrots they found at the farmers market.  And then there’s the fact I have a very cheap digital camera that takes sub-par pictures. It was hard for me to imagine people getting excited about my recipes when there weren’t perfectly composed, softly lit photographs to go with them.

And then I remembered that I had taken the time to create this blog no less than three (three!) times before, and a quote I once read that stated “don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.” So here this blog is: undeleted for now, the dreaded second post yet to materialize. But if I do make it that far, I know I will be excited to share my (and hear about your) favorite meals, ingredients, and dinner companions. And of course, to discover a great kumquat recipe so I can put that picture to some good use.